Completed Projects

Nevada Department of Education External Outcomes Evaluation
In partnership with ACS Ventures and MYS Project & Brand Management, CREA completed an evaluation of programs designed to enhance education across the state of Nevada.
Funding: ACS Ventures/Nevada Department of Education
Period of Performance: April 12th, 2016 – June 30th, 2017
Principal Investigator: Dr. Chad Buckendahl
CREA Principal Investigator: Dr. Gwen C. Marchand
CREA Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Tiberio Garza, Dr. Joseph Morgan
CREA Team: Elizabeth Hofschulte Collins, Eboni Caridine

More information can be found at the ACS Ventures website, here.

Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Values Five-Year Evaluation
CREA, with its faculty affiliates, completed an evaluation of the library services grant programs in the state of Nevada and how they met the goals and values outlined by the LSTA.
Funding: Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records
Principal Investigator: Dr. PG Schrader
CREA Co-Principcal Investigator: Dr. Gwen Marchand
CREA Team: Mehmet Dulgar, Manognya Murukutla, Elizabeth Hofschulte Collins, and Laura Bennett

More information can be found at the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records website, here.

Turnaround Zone Evaluation
CREA completed an evaluation of selected Clark County School District Turnaround Zone high schools, focusing on their activities and outcomes of their turnaround efforts.
Funding: College of Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gwen Marchand
Co-Printipcal Investigators: Dr. CarolAnne Kardash, Dr. Michael Nussbaum
CREA Team: Rachel Part

The final evaluation report can be found at Turnaround Zone Evaluation Report.

Data Validation

Data Validation services were completed for Beacon Charter School by Dr. Tiberio Garza.