Program of Study and Person Centered Planning

FOCUS strives to take into account the personal and career interests of each participant and provide them with a course of study that is modeled after traditional 2 year certificate programs. Within each program, courses and essential experiences are built into the certificate requirements. The courses and experiences that are chosen reflect not only the course of study the student chooses, but their personal interests. Efforts are made to have these align with the independent living and career goals of each student. To ensure a fully inclusive environment, these courses are selected from those offered in the general course catalog at UNLV.

To make these programs of study individualized for each student, person centered planning is used to create each student's program. Person centered planning is an individualized planning process used to create collaborative and goal-oriented plans for individuals. Additionally, it is a way to promote students’ self determination and involvement in the planning and decision making processes.  FOCUS aims to use the tenants of person centered planning to ensure that participants are ready to participate in all aspects of their communities as independent adults. It is a, priority of the project to prepare students with the tools and knowledge necessary to discuss their strengths, needs, goals, disability, and to advocate for needed supports in the various environments they will navigate as adults.


OCLSC Program of Study Example & Requirement sheet