Everyone has questions when they go to college!
This is where we try to answer any questions you might have about FOCUS.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us at


What is the length of the program?
Focus is a 2 year post-secondary education program.

How many courses a semester will students take?
Based on person-centered planning, this will vary from semester to semester. Typically, students will take anywhere from 2 to 4 courses a semester.

Are all of the courses really INCLUSIVE?
Yes! All FOCUS students take 100% fully inclusive UNLV courses with their same aged peers! Hey, this is the Least Restrictive Environment right?

What accommodations do FOCUS students receive?
Using person-centered planning each FOCUS student will receive the accommodations they need. The FOCUS team will sometimes work closely with UNLV’s Disability Resource Center in order to access all needed accommodations.

What kind of certificate do FOCUS students receive?
 All students are working towards an Occupational and Career Life Studies certificate, that is awarded upon completion of the 2 year, 42 credit program. This certificate is a partnership between UNLV Continuing Education and the UNLV College of Education.

Can you get a regular 4 year degree or bachelor’s degree?
No. FOCUS students are non-degree seeking and take classes that go towards the Occupational and Career Life Studies certificate.

How do I schedule an appointment for a campus tour?
Please contact to find out how to schedule an appointment for a campus tour.


What if I have an adjusted diploma?

This is OK. Project FOCUS was specifically designed for students that did not graduate with a typical diploma. However, we also know that some of our young adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities may graduate with a “regular” diploma. If this is the case, then we can help you too! We do our best to provide the most person centered experience as possible. If you still have questions or concerns about this, please just give us a call!

What if you read on a 2nd grade level?

I (Josh) tell everyone that I spell on a 2nd grade level and somehow got a Ph.D. That is what inclusion is all about! It’s not looking at the disability but the ability of each individual!

What about Functional Skills?

College is functional, and there are a lot of opportunities to work on person centered functional skills throughout the day (e.g., money management, purchasing, reading, job applications, resumes, etc.). There is no need to take a separate class in these however we work on them in the natural environment.

What do FOCUS students do when they don’t have class?

What do all college students do when they don’t have class? No, they do not just party!  They study, hang out with friends, go to sporting events, attend plays, go to work, go work out at our awesome rec center, grab a coffee at Starbucks, watch YouTube, etc.

Will there be student interns to assist FOCUS students if needed?

FOCUS is fortunate to have educational coaches/interns from the Human Services Program. Student’s academic support needs will be individualized using the person centered planning process. Interns provide students with instructional supports as needed, such as navigating the campus, employment, and attending social events on campus.


What are the costs associated with FOCUS?

The FOCUS program can range from $11,000 to $13,000 per year*, depending on the number of classes you take. Also note that tuition typically raises each year.

*check out the Cost Information page for a breakdown.

How can I pay for college?

I would suggest you look at our resources tab as well as check out There are many podcasts, articles, and other information that will provide you with assistance. Of course we would always be willing to help you as much as possible.

Are FOCUS students eligible for financial aid?

Yes, check out our CTP page for more information on how to apply.

Why does it cost so much money?

I know college is expensive! And I do dread when I (Josh) will have to pay for my daughter to attend college one day.

But to answer the question: 1) UNLV tuition must be paid to take the fully inclusive courses, 2) the FOCUS fee is charged to provide the most person centered and inclusive service as possible. We have really tried to keep our fee low (based on other programs) in order to be able to represent the demographics of our awesome city! All of the program fee is used to fund staff and tutors. Although we do have the fee, we still need to fund raise to help us with our overhead.

Are there scholarships?

Yes. In fact, two of our current students have received a $3,000 scholarship. There are scholarships nationwide as well, as we fund raise in order to help offset the costs of the program. Look on the resources tab to view the different opportunities and look on our application tab to see our current scholarships.


What is the admission criterion?
The admission for Project FOCUS can be summarized into the following three criteria: 1) the applicant shows a desire to go to UNLV, 2) good family support, so that we are able to work as a team, and 3) all applicants must meet the behavior code of UNLV.

How do I apply for the program?

The process for applying to FOCUS is as follows:

  1. Visit our website for information on how the program works (woohoo, you’re already completing the first step!)
  2. Set up a time to meet the FOCUS staff, before turning in application/fee.
  3. Download and complete the FOCUS application here.
  4. Submit application and application fee (in person) to the FOCUS office by semester deadline.

Because FOCUS is entirely person-centered, we like to meet with interested families before applying, so that we can answer any student-specific questions they may have, and to get to know the applicant! If you are/have a student interested in setting up a time to meet with us, please call 702-895-5836.

Is there an application deadline?

Yes. Applications will only be received until a certain date for each semester. Visit the admissions page for the current application deadline.

What if we do not get accepted to FOCUS?
Please do not take it personal, and please try again! We wish that we could accept everyone in the program, but we want to make sure that we provide a quality experience- so unfortunately we do have a limit as to how many students we can have in the program at a time. But just because you are not accepted immediately, does not mean that you will not get selected in the future.

Is there a waiting list? 
Yes, we are currently limiting the number of applicants and have a waiting list for Project FOCUS. Applications that are placed on the waiting list remain valid for up to one year, then applicants are asked to submit an updated application. We re-evaluate all applicants each semester. If for some reason the first accepted applicants drop out, then those on the waiting list are contacted.


What about Employment?
Yes! Sometimes we can forget that the reason we go to college is to get a job! This is our number 1 priority as well! Though we cannot guarantee employment once completing the program, we hope that all FOCUS students are better prepared to find a career (again just like all college graduates).

Are there Internships on campus?
Yes! Many FOCUS students have some type of employment or job internship at or around UNLV’s campus. Person centered planning is used to find and place students into jobs of interest.