Recent Graduate Spotlight: Matthew Nishimoto, Ph.D.

Matthew Nishimoto, Ph.D., a recent alumna in Teaching and Learning having earned his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2012 and his doctorate in Teacher Education in 2016, believes that preservice teacher field experiences impact initial teacher expectations of their early career and of the roles of the principal.

In his dissertation entitled, Secondary Preservice Teacher Expectations of the Principal’s Role in New Teacher Induction, he examined the expectations that preservice teachers hold regarding school principals through investigating from where, how, and why these expectations develop.

“Due to the fact that current induction research only focused on the perspectives of principals, teachers, veteran teachers, and new teachers, my target of inquiry was to compare the knowledge, skills, and expectations of secondary preservice teachers to existing literature,” said Nishimoto. The findings showed expectations were slightly different then what has reported for new teachers.

Dr. Nishimoto is currently a guitar instructor in the Clark County School District (CCSD). Nishimoto Publishing, owned by Dr. Nishimoto, provides the bulk of instruction materials for his class and use of his materials are used at other schools in CCSD. He hopes to advance his career in academia in the future.

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