Gene Hall, Ph.D.

Gene Hall

Carlson Education Building (CEB) 315


Curriculum Vitae

Research Expertise: Understanding and evaluating change processes in organization settings. Assessing the role of leaders, coaching leaders, and evaluating their impact on change processes. Program evaluation with a focus on assessing extent and fidelity of implementation.

Dr. Hall earned his Ph.D. from Syracuse University and launched his academic career with eighteen years as a faculty member and project director with the national R&D Center for Teacher Education at The University of Texas at Austin. Since then he has been a Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Florida, Northern Colorado, and UNLV. He twice has served as the Dean of a College of Education. Dr. Hall's main line of research has been related to the change process in organizational settings. He is the lead architect of the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM), which places heavy emphasis on understanding and facilitating the personal side of change. This model and the related research and training programs have been tested and applied in many types of organizations including schools, business, government and the military. The work also is widely studied and applied in other countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Singapore, and Taiwan.