Alain Bengochea, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Educational & Clinical Studies

Alain Bengochea

Carlson Education Building (CEB) 151


Curriculum Vitae

Research Expertise: Emergent bilingualism, early and middle childhood literacy, translanguaging, vocabulary development, sociodramatic play, multimodal discourse analysis

My primary goal as a researcher is to explore the ways in which young, emergent bilingual learners' (i.e., ELLs) language and literacy development are supported across home, community, and school contexts. My contributions to the College of Education will include sharing knowledge of equitable practices and structures that legitimize emergent bilinguals' languaging and learning opportunities. In my research, I embrace an analytic toolkit that includes statistical, ethnographic, and discourse-analytic approaches in efforts to provide comprehensive accounts of sociocultural influences on bilinguals' language and literacy development. I integrate diverse epistemologies, paradigms, and methodologies, with the aims of empowering minority learners despite the ideological barriers and contradictions around bilingualism that may exist at the community and school levels. I intend on using my knowledge to influence pre-K through 12th grade teacher education and practice in order to create culturally and linguistically responsive learning contexts for emergent bilingual learners.