Steve McCafferty, Ph.D.

Steve McCafferty

Carlson Education Building (CEB) 335


Curriculum Vitae

Research Expertise: Applied linguistics, sociocultural theory, gesture studies, sociocultural theory and applied linguistics, gesture studies and applied linguistics

Dr. McCafferty lived and taught in Thailand (Peace Corps Volunteer), Malaysia, and Japan. In recent years his research has included a major focus on how gesture plays a part in second language development from a sociocultural perspective. This work has resulted in his being first editor for two Special Issues on the topic, the first in 2004 for the International Journal of Applied Linguistics and the second, along with Marianne Gullberg as co-editor, for Studies in Second Language Acquisition in 2008. Moreover, together with Gale Stam, he co-edited the first collection on L2 gesture studies: Gesture: Second Language Acquisition and Classroom Research (2008) and taught a course on L2 gesture studies at the 2009 Summer Institute in Applied Linguistics held at Penn State. He also is on the Editorial Board for the new journal, Language and Sociocultural Theory, and is a consultant on ELL education for Clark County Schools and other state and local entities.