Steven Bickmore English methods, teacher education
Randall Boone Computer-mediated teaching and learning for persons with disabilities, assistive technology
Fawn Canady Literacy Education
Christine Clark Sociopolitically-located multicultural curriculum transformation across disciplines/subject areas in PK-12 and higher education; Understanding, interrupting, and dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline; White antiracist identity development.
Merryn Cole Science Education, Project-Based Instruction, Spatial Thinking in STEM
Denise Dávila Literacy education, diverse children's literature, community based family literacy development, and multicultural education
Chia-Liang Dai Obesity prevention, substance use, mental health, health education program evaluation, integrative health (especially in yoga and mindfulness meditation), and family studies (parentification).
Hasan Deniz Science education
Howard Gordon Adult & technical education, teaching effectiveness, learning styles, meta-analysis research, nutrition and public health
Karen Grove Instructional technology, teacher education development, technology in teaching and learning
Steve Grubaugh Literacy education
Kendall Hartley Academic Performance Standards, Databases, Instructional Design/Development, Internet and Education, Technology and Cognition
Iesha Jackson Culturally Relevant & Sustaining Pedagogies, Educational Equity for Students of Color, Overage/Under-Credited Students, Critical Race Theory in Education
James Kenyon Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL), program evaluation, school improvement, alternative education, and the four-day school week
Sophie Ladd Children's literature and media, literacy and teacher education, technology and literacy, multi-literacies
Greg Levitt Social studies education
Emily Lin International comparative studies, instructional processes/learning, teacher education - learning and development, program evaluation, science education
Katrina Liu Teacher professional development, online learning communities, preparing teachers for critical reflection and transformative learning, and international and comparative education, along with recruiting and supporting teachers of color.
Norma A. Marrun Latina/o Education, College Access and Completion, Immigration and Education, Parental/Family Involvement, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Teachers of Color, Chicana/Latina Feminisms, Ethnography, Qualitative Research Methods
Jane McCarthy She has an extensive record of research and publication in the fields of school reform, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies for students in at-risk situations
Michael McCreery Ecological models of learning and behavior, intersection of developmental and social psychology in educational settings, technology and its influence on socioemotional learning, technology and psychoeducational assessment and intervention
Travis Olson Curriculum analysis studies, particularly with respect to the development of mathematical concepts (at various levels, K-16) and implications on students' opportunities to learn and teachers' opportunities to teach particular mathematics concepts; underst
Lois Paretti
Linda Quinn Teacher professional development, curriculum development
P.G. Schrader Educational psychology, experimental design, educational technology, research methodology, immersive environments, learning with scientific simulations, faculty perceptions of students in STEM majors, and personality in virtual worlds.
Chyllis Scott Adolescent literacy and content-area literacy instruction, teacher education and knowledge, and mentoring practices in higher education
Jeffery Shih First and second year student experience/theoretical foundations and values of higher education/hermeneutics
William Speer Math education, international education/studies, mathematical problem-solving, professional development, standards, testing
Micah Stohlmann STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) integration and mathematical modeling
Sharon Tettegah Intersection of STEM learning, emotions, equity and social justice
David Vallett Learner cognition with an emphasis on misconceptions and evolved heuristics for cognition, educational neuroscience, and the intersection of cognitive science investigations in student learning with classroom instruction
Peter Wiens Teacher Education, Teacher Preparation, International education, Video-based assessment
Xue (Cher) Xing Career behaviors and preparation and international career and technical training
Shaoan Zhang Teacher development and microteaching