Gayle A. Zeiter ’85, ’88, earned a master’s degree in education at UNLV and worked as a teacher in the Clark County School District. Although she passed away in 2002, her influence as an educator lives on.

As a result of a generous donation provided by her husband, real estate developer Jim Zeiter ’87 Finance, the Gayle A. Zeiter Literacy Development Center is providing important services to the Las Vegas community.

The Zeiter Center serves the community by providing: (a) professional development opportunities through workshops, conferences, and literacy education courses to teachers and university students; (b) family engagement opportunities in developing children’s joy of reading and writing; (c) one-on-one literacy tutoring services to K-8 students within Clark County School District; and (d) a venue for conducting scholarly activity that improves children’s literacy and professionals’ literacy education.

The members of the Literacy Education faculty who facilitate the Zeiter Center activities and programs are highly experienced in providing district- and state-wide professional development experiences that are framed by the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS), Nevada State Literacy Plan (NSLP), and the Nevada Educator Performance Framework (NEPF).

Through the Zeiter Literacy Center, UNLV is expanding its literacy networks and institutional partnerships with public schools, libraries, and early education centers to provide sustained, collaborative, and job-embedded professional development for literacy instructional leaders in Southern Nevada.