2016-2017 Teach Nevada Scholarship Recipients

The College of Education provides funding to 55 students who are returning to UNLV to become teachers through alternative route to licensure programs.

Professionals who have earned a bachelor’s degree previously in a variety of disciplines- yet now desire to teach in PK-12 classrooms- get that chance because of the Teach Nevada Scholarship. SB 511, or the Teach Nevada Scholarship Program, designated $2.5 million for each of the next two fiscal years for scholarships. For fiscal year 2017, UNLV COE received $1.2 million of the state’s allocated funds. For this award cycle, recipients were those enrolling in alternative routes to licensure programs.

Eligible students included, without limitation:

  1. Recent high school graduates who have not yet enrolled in a teacher preparation program;
  2. Students who are currently enrolled in a non-education related college/university degree program and change their academic program to teacher preparation;
  3. Students who have completed some credits at a university or college who re-enrolled in a teacher preparation program;
  4. Students who possess a bachelor’s degree in a non-education related field and chose to pursue a new alternative route to licensure for teaching;
  5. Veterans and the spouses of veterans; and
  6. Students who have had some experience working in a classroom, including without limitation, as a paraprofessional or substitute teacher.

The 2016-17 Teach Nevada Scholarship recipients are as follows: Fande Bayoh, Brianna Bolinger, Katherine Cain, Mindy Carson, Jacob Cassens, Gary Crouch, Emma Earley, Donald Edmondson, Allen Emmel, Adam Eslinger, Roderick Feurtado, Jennifer Flores, JoAnn Galante, Trebor Gibson, Teresa Gomez, Cynthia Greenleaf, Andrew Hall, Majorie Kathleen Hall, Anna-Marie Hamel, Elizabeth Hawley, John Honey, LyaTedra Howard-Harvey, Heather Locke, Samuel Lopez, Cristina Magdaleno Gonzalez, Rebecca Martin, Erin McFadden, LaShanda McGowan, Lwwayne McQueen, Sandra Mireles, Daniel Monroe, Antonio Mosby, Stephanie Moxley, Lauren Nelson, Crystal Nunes, James Oneil, Fabiola Ortiz, Kimberly Pickens, Garrett Pratt, Virginia Ramos-Barajas, Rebecca Ramos-Barajas, Richard Rodriguez, Gregory Sanders, James Smerek, Daniel Speregon, Nicole Szynski, Amber Thacker, Tyler Thompson, Della Tilsher, Minli Wang, Sandy Wayne, Carissa Wilson, Jeanne Winthrop, and Thomas Zeitler.

For more information about The Teach Nevada Scholarships Program visit the NDE website at http://www.doe.nv.gov/Educator_Development_and_Support/Educator_Preparation/