Dr. Chris Wood Named American Counseling Association Fellow

The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is proud to announce that Dr. Chris Wood, an associate professor in the Educational & Clinical Studies counseling program at the College, has been awarded the prestigious American Counseling Association (ACA) Fellow Award. This honor is presented to less than 1 percent of the more than 56,000 ACA members.

The ACA Fellow distinction is bestowed upon members of professional distinction who have been recognized for significant and unique contributions to the counseling profession through professional practice, scientific achievement, leadership and governance, and/or teaching and training.

Dr. Wood joined the College of Education faculty in 2015, having previously been a faculty member at Old Dominion University, Seattle University, the Ohio State University and the University of Arizona. Previous to his tenure as university faculty, he served as a high school counselor, a counseling/guidance department chair, a counselor/group leader at a residential youth facility for adjudicated youth/troubled teens, and a career counselor at an alternative school serving grades 7-12.

In addition to his professional practice, Dr. Wood has been Principal Investigator, Faculty Research Associate, or Research Methodologist on over $3 million in grants including over a dozen research projects investigating the efficacy of career development interventions in K-12 settings. Dr. Wood has over 30 conference presentations and 30 publications including articles in Professional School Counseling, the Journal of Counseling & Development, the Journal of College Counseling, Counselor Education & Supervision, Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, and The Elementary School Journal. He co-edited the 5th and 6th editions of A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments. He is currently the Head Editor for the Professional School Counseling journal, the flagship research journal for the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).

Dr. Wood will be recognized in March 2017 at the American Counseling Association Conference in San Francisco.

Postdoc Spotlight: Peter Wiens, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Wiens, a Ph.D. graduate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Virginia, came to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shortly after completing a grant that examined English as a foreign language in the West African country of Niger. A postdoctoral scholar, Wiens is currently a member of the Department of Teaching and Learning at the College of Education.

Since arriving at UNLV, Wiens has embarked on several research projects that focus on the outcomes of preservice teacher education. These include a preservice longitudal study with five years of stored data, the Clark County School District Peer Assistance and Review Program Study (PAR), and research that examines the introduction of video-based assessment during field placements. Wiens has also been teaching courses in social studies teaching methods.

“My experience at UNLV as been wonderful,” said Wiens, “the faculty have been extremely welcoming and supportive, and the students are great.”

When he finishes his posdoctoral fellowship, Wiens hopes to continue his work in academia and continue his research. He and his family are enjoying their new Las Vegas home.

For more information about Dr. Wiens and his research, check out his bio on the COE website or his ResearchGate profile.

Recent Graduate Spotlight: Matthew Nishimoto, Ph.D.

Matthew Nishimoto, Ph.D., a recent alumna in Teaching and Learning having earned his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2012 and his doctorate in Teacher Education in 2016, believes that preservice teacher field experiences impact initial teacher expectations of their early career and of the roles of the principal.

In his dissertation entitled, Secondary Preservice Teacher Expectations of the Principal’s Role in New Teacher Induction, he examined the expectations that preservice teachers hold regarding school principals through investigating from where, how, and why these expectations develop.

“Due to the fact that current induction research only focused on the perspectives of principals, teachers, veteran teachers, and new teachers, my target of inquiry was to compare the knowledge, skills, and expectations of secondary preservice teachers to existing literature,” said Nishimoto. The findings showed expectations were slightly different then what has reported for new teachers.

Dr. Nishimoto is currently a guitar instructor in the Clark County School District (CCSD). Nishimoto Publishing, owned by Dr. Nishimoto, provides the bulk of instruction materials for his class and use of his materials are used at other schools in CCSD. He hopes to advance his career in academia in the future.

For additional information about the Department of Teaching & Learning, visit http://tl.unlv.edu

New Faculty Spotlight: Jenna Weglarz-Ward, Ph.D.

Jenna Weglarz-Ward, Ph.D. joined the College of Education faculty in the fall semester of 2016 as an Assistant Professor teaching in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education. She specializes in the inclusion of children with children with disabilities in community settings, family engagement, and professional collaboration. Dr. Weglarz-Ward received both her Master’s Degree in Special Education in 2003 and her doctorate in Special Education in 2016 from the University of Illinois.

“Life as a new faculty member at UNLV has been a really nice blend of support in her teaching and research from members of the university community,” she said.

As for the students, Weglarz-Ward noted the “different, daring and diverse” culture here at UNLV saying, “the students here are amazing and so diverse. They come from rich backgrounds, which is something I was not used to in Illinois. Here students are 21 to 60 and are teaching and working in education in different ways. There are so many people coming back after changing careers or wanting to do something different or wanting to improve what they are already doing. All the students are motivated, because they are all here for a different reason.”

In addition to her research and teaching roles within the Educational and Clinical Studies department at the College, Dr. Weglarz-Ward was named a Dean’s Policy Fellow ahead of the upcoming Nevada legislative session. She, along with several colleagues, has drafted two policy papers regarding early childhood education topics in which lawmakers may consider enacting new policies in our state. These papers, and eight others from faculty and students across the College, will be available later this month.

For additional information about Dr. Weglarz-Ward and her research, visit her bio page on the COE website.