Cohort A Teacher Leaders


Brenda Clodfelter

I’m Brenda Clodfelter and I have worked for CCSD for the last 17 years, all of which have been at Wengert Elementary. The first five years, I worked as an SPTA for the Pre–K program. I have taught  K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. I currently teach Kindergarten. I am very involved in my community and I enjoy working with my students’ families because they hold a very important place in my heart.


Christina Cox

I am starting my 13th year of teaching, all of which have taken place in Title One schools with a high EL population. I taught second grade for four years, kindergarten for eight years, and I am moving to first grade this upcoming school year. I am passionate about teaching EL students and I look forward to increasing my knowledge through this program.


Shawntel Davis

My name is Shawntel Davis and I have been teaching for three years in the Clark County School District. I did my student teaching in a first grade class and have taught second grade for the past three years. I have been on RTI committee and grade level chair. I am excited to add this master’s degree to my resume. Right now I love being in the classroom but I know that I will eventually be ready to move on to a new challenge.



Linda Dolbec

My name is Linda Dolbec, and this is my tenth year of teaching Kindergarten. Before I discovered my love for this grade level, I worked with preschoolers, and in between I was employed as a sixth and seventh grade teacher. Kindergarten is my first love of teaching. I feel like I know early childhood well, and would love to stay in this area in the future.



Kaycee Golden

My name is Kaycee Golden and I just completed my 15th year as a teacher in Nevada. I have taught first, second, third and sixth grades. I currently teach 2nd grade. I hope to continue improving my skills as a teacher to provide students the best education possible. I am excited for this opportunity to learn more about teaching English learners so I can meet the diverse needs of the students in my class.


Vasti Mejia

I’m Vasti Mejia.  I moved to Las Vegas from Riverside, CA four years ago. I earned a B.A. from Occidental College in 2011.  Passionate about working with young children, I decided to teach kindergarten, and have been fortunate enough to do so at Richard J. Rundle Elementary School.  In the future I hope to continue working with young children and their families to achieve academic success.


Jennifer Munk

My name is Jennifer Munk and I am a third grade teacher at Empire Elementary School in Carson City Nevada. I am currently finishing my 4th year of teaching, all of which have been at this school. I see my future as being one at this school, teaching this exceptional and diverse group of children.



Megan Prater

My name is Megan Prater and I have been teaching second grade for 3 years. I love working with the younger kids. I love to incorporate song and dance within my lessons. My students work better when they have a good song to relate back to. I look forward to engaging my students even more while digging deep into learning more about teaching English Language Learners.

Linda Rasmussen

My name is Linda Rasmussen and I have been teaching for twenty-one years. Even though the majority of my teaching experience has been in second grade, I have also taught Title One, kindergarten, first, and fourth grade. I earned my TESL endorsement in 2016, but after I finished it I still felt the need to learn more. Soon after, my principal announced that I qualified to apply for UNLV Project 3 Masters program. I feel that this experience is a blessing.


Jackie Smith

My name is Jackie Smith and I have a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I received my teaching credential with a TESOL endorsement from Nevada State College in 2009. I have been an ESL teacher for seven years, and I have worked primarily in first and third grade. I think that my experience and knowledge of working with ELL students make me a very qualified candidate for this program.