Cohort B Teacher Leaders

Elizabeth Allder

My name is Elizabeth Allder. I began my teaching experience in 1990 when I attended Northeastern University in Boston. I had always wanted to be a teacher and had my first experience at Cambridge Ellis Pre-School as part of an internship with Northeastern. I later transferred to UMASS Boston and got my bachelors degree in social psychology. At the time I also continued working with Cambridge Ellis Pre-School. I was hired full time as an assistant and later was hired as the After-School Coordinator. I left the Boston area in 2001 and moved to California where I decided to go back to school and get my teacher credential. I successfully completed the credential and was able to secure a kindergarten position with the San Marcos Unified School District. I worked for several years before coming to Las Vegas. I currently work for Clark County School District as a kindergarten teacher. I have been teaching in Clark County for 5 years.

Katie Allred

My name is Katie Allred and I have been teaching for ten years, nine of which have been at Cahlan Elementary. My career at Cahlan began with two years in 1st grade, and I was then asked to go to Kindergarten to be a lead. I spent two years teaching kindergarten and absolutely loved it. Soon after, I was asked to become a curriculum strategist, but I missed working closer to the kids and having my own classroom where I had the opportunity to make a difference in my student’s lives.  Therefore, I accepted an opening in 2nd grade as a leader. I am so grateful to be working closer with students and look forward to learning new strategies that will better support my students learning and help others as well.


Melinda Gomez

My name is Melinda Gomez, and I am a second-year teacher at Southside ES, in Elko County School District.  I am currently teaching Kindergarten, and I previously taught preschool for 16 years at Great Basin College Child and Family Center.  My heart and soul is in early childhood education. Recently, I participated in a WIDA Early Years Cohort where I had the opportunity to enhance my own knowledge about the language development of ELL’s. I plan to continue my education, and share with others what I learn to help  develop in our district, a culture of acceptance for all children.


Samantha Marks

My name is Samantha Marks. I moved to Las Vegas from Pennsylvania the summer after I graduated from college, as there were very few teaching opportunities on the East Coast. I have spent all four years at Cahlan Elementary teaching first grade. I hope to further my education to continue to learn and become better at my profession!


Alicia Moore

I am Alicia Moore and I graduated in 2000 with a BA in Child Development/Elementary Education.  I spent the first 12 years of my career teaching in pre-K settings. In 2012, I completed my teacher certification.  I worked for a year as an instructional aide for a special needs child, and soon after I was hired to teach first grade.  I taught four years at that level and this year I am moving to third grade.  Southside ES is a Title I school with 78% free/reduced lunch and 58% in ELL programs.  I am looking forward to be part of this program.

Heidi Renteria

My name is Heidi, and this is my fourteenth year teaching.  I graduated in 2004 from ISU with a Bachelor of Arts in Education.  I began teaching kindergarten and first grade in a rural Title I school north of Pocatello. I then met my husband, a teacher in Orovada, Nevada.  He and I became the lower and upper grades teachers in Denio, another remote rural and Title I school in Humboldt County.  I taught grades K-4.  We know live in Winnemucca, where I have taught at the Winnemucca Grammar School for the last eight years, in grades 1, 2, and now 3.In the future, I plan to remain in the classroom, continuing to improve my craft, prepare young students for futures in school and beyond, and build collaborative relationships with colleagues.  I believe being a part of Project E3 will be an important part of this plan.

Kelly Rotzinger

My name is Kelly Rotzinger. I have taught at Cahlan Elementary School in North Las Vegas for eleven years. I taught second grade for three years and Kindergarten for eight. Kindergarten is my passion. I love their little minds and their big hearts. I believe that if you deliver instruction in a fun and engaging way, a child’s mind is open to endless possibilities. Through this program, I hope to learn the newest strategies in teaching EL Learners and hone my skills in order to provide the best instruction possible to my students and share my knowledge with my colleagues.



Elizabeth Usrey

I graduated in 2014 with an Elementary Education Degree from the University of Evansville. Upon completion, I accepted a job with Ponca City Public Schools (PCPS) teaching 4th grade. During my time at PCPS I also taught 2nd grade. In July of 2015, I accepted a job teaching 2nd grade at Charlotte and Jerry Keller Elementary. I want to use this degree to better serve my students.



Tracey West

My name is Tracey West and I have a BS in Business Management from Bentley University, and a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction from Drexel University. I have ten years of teaching experience. I believe all children have the right to obtain an education that activates their innate curiosity and cultivates their individual gifts and talents. I expect that this program will give me the tools to better assist my students in that goal.



Frances Wilson

My name is Frances Wilson, though I go by Terri.  I have taught in rural New Mexico near the Navajo reservation and in the heart of Las Vegas as well as rural California.  My experience has been all the way from 3 year olds to 4th graders, with most of my work being with Kindergarten students.  I am excited to hone my skills as an educator by participating in the E3 program!